We cure aulophobia and celebrate healing music
Devon trained as a music teacher, then a pro photographer.  She gave courses at Okanagan University College in portrait lighting and creativity.  Her column was called Devon's Delusions, where she got to poke fun at the weekly world.  Winner of the 2011 Okanagan Arts Award (Literary category), she has written over 200 columns, as well as short stories and novels.  She added up her addiction to Haiku and mystical koans (riddles) to get Haikoans, of which she has also written hundreds and facilitated music meditations using them.

        Currently she teaches guitar, flute, saxophone, & therapeutic singing at the storied Caetani Cultural Centre.   Songwriting, composing & arranging for choir rounds out the remaining time.  In her writing life, she is working on a book about painter Sveva Caetani with an emphasis on her difficult relationship with her mother.  Songs composed in Sveva's honour will accompany it.